We’ll make you AI-ready

Our GenAI-based learning platform will quickly take you to the next level in AI. Supported by avatars, our learning modules and classroom courses – which can be tailored to the level of knowledge in your organization – are suitable for employees at all levels and cover topics like “Prompting strategies and prompting in practice” and “GenAI transformation for executives”.

What does the academy offer?

The academy offers knowledge-as-a-service: our concept is super flexible and geared towards what you want your organization to learn. With our fully customizable offering, you benefit from tailor-made corporate solutions for the entire organization making you AI-ready in no time. Existing internal knowledge is also integrated into your learning journey.

Who can use the academy’s services?

The academy offering is aimed at all employees of companies in the retail and FMCG sector. The content offered, the teaching and learning methods applied and thus the individual learning journey of each user will differ depending on their needs, role and previous knowledge.

Which formats are available?

The academy offers three retail specific formats:

Executive Workshops

Our two-part executive workshops are an introduction to GenAI for leaders. You will learn how to identify and prioritize possible company specific use cases for GenAI with the help of our use case generator.

Specialty Courses

Specialty courses are specifically designed for employees in your operational departments. The two-part format includes an introduction to GenAI as well as an initial identification of GenAI use case in the department. Optionally, the workshop results of previous executive workshops can be further deepened.

On Demand Smart Classes

The on demand smart classes learning platform forms the core of our academy. It offers innovative content, such as avatar supported self-learning units, can be combined on a modular basis, and adapts to your individual needs and skills. The content covers various subject areas (such as prompt engineering, legal & GenAI, GenAI for retail, GenAI & marketing and many more) and is certifiable.


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