We are a team of industry and technology experts that aims to develop and implement innovative AI solutions for trade and industrial companies.

Christian Au


Professor of strategy, computer scientist and entrepreneur. His focus lies on “translating” business challenges into software solutions. For years now, Christian has been developing prototypes and productive systems based on (Gen)AI used by thousands of users in various companies.

Peter Gentsch


Successful start-up founder, entrepreneur and scientist. Peter has established and expanded various AI start-ups and, with his decades of research and practical experience, is a pioneer and top expert in the field.

Mark Michaelis


CEO of Markant Group. With his expertise in retail and FMCG, Mark knows the market like no other. The uncertainty within the industry regarding the best way to approach AI prompted him to found together with Christian Au and Peter Gentsch. With, Mark plans to develop innovative products and services and empower companies and their people to work with GenAI.

Antje König

COO of

Successful entrepreneur, managing director, former CIO, and lecturer. After her long career at Dirk Rossmann GmbH, Antje decided in 2024 to found her own company in the field of organizational development, software engineering consulting & coaching, with a focus on human-centric progress, and digitalization. At, she is responsible for the operationalization of our concepts, company processes, and the go-to-market of new academy formats & factory products


Markant supports suppliers and retailers in leveraging synergies and making interfaces more efficient and offers advanced solutions and services as a reliable partner. At the core of these offerings, Markant is pursuing the optimization of processes along the entire value chain.